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Click on an image to view a larger version of an active member's rig.


jasonsportstar Jason Roedel's 1980 Sportstar jason Jason Roedel's 1977 SSII stewart The Stewart's 1200 Series Flatbed
don Don Henke's 1972 Scout II "Scratches" donterra Don Henke's restored 1976 Terra eta Chris Henke's 1965 model 80, 152/3 spd
adk Bob Moessmer's 1954 Travelall bob Bob Moessmer's Daily Driver 1966 Crewcab Travelette bob_moessmer

Bob Moessmer's Scout 800

wade800B Holton Brothers' 1971 800B Comanche wade80

Wade Jackson's '73

Steve Nieman's 1979 Midas SS II
ghtjn Nick Osiek's 1980 Diesel Scout II bobwest Bob West's 1975 shortbed 4x4 work in process bobwest Bob West's 1959 B120 4x4
mullet David DeWolf's 1968 Scout 800 mullet David DeWolf's Scout II kdjf Rick Hollenbeck's 1970 Scout 800
mcullough Alex Hollenbeck's 1972 Scout II both Carl and Inge Herboth's Traveler herboth Frank Herboth's 1978 Scout II
mcullough Mark Holton's Flatbed & Cub Cadet Tractor mullet Tom Wootten's Scout II kdjf Dave Payton's 1978 Scout II
joshpatt Josh Patt's Scout aeb Jeff Eggemeyer's 1979 SOA 3/4 ton Scout II mullet Leon Ross' 1977 Scout II
mullet Leon Ross' "Mullet" Scout II harry Leon Ross' Tavelall adj Leon Ross' "crayon box" Scout II
Doug Hunter's 1976 Scout II Jeff Roberts 1976 Scout II john_muoio_63_80 John Muoio's 1963 Scout 80
john Rick Holton's 1969 800A mullet Matt Hutchison's 1980 Scout II melissa Submit your pics to the Bi-State Binders webmaster

*Inactive members appear faded.